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A visual poem featuring the words of 50 characters from novels, scripts, graphic novels and screen plays, all of whom are named Abe.

Peter Duffin

Este poema visual consiste de citas de 50 personajes ficticios, todos llamándose Abe. Los personajes van de Abe Simpson (el abuelo de The Simpsons) a Abe North de F. Scott Fitzgerald en Tender is the Night. Todas las citas del poema visual fueron pronunciadas por uno de estos Abes. Los personajes aparecen en una variedad de obras incluyendo novelas animados, guiones, novelas, cuentos para niños, y dibujos animados. 

Este proyecto consiste de cuatro piezas:

1. Una introducción y colofón firmado

2. El poema

3. Una leyenda que asocia cada fragmento de texto con cada Abe

4. Un librito que describe cada Abe e identifica, donde es posible, el autor

This visual poem is created from quotes by 50 different fictional characters, all named Abe. The characters range from Abe Simpson (the elderly foil of The Simpsons) to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Abe North in Tender is the Night. All text in the visual poem was uttered by one of these Abes. The characters appear in a variety of fictional texts including graphic novels, scripts, novels, children’s stories, screenplays, comic strips,
animated sitcoms, and short stories.


The project consists of four parts:

1. A signed introduction and colophon

2. The poem

3. A legend which ascribes each fragment of text to the appropriate Abe

4. A booklet which briefly describes each Abe and acknowledges, where possible, the original author

The Poem / El Poema



Abe 200 x 50 300522 10pt 75% Color detail.jpg

Poem detail

Abe 200 x 50 300522 10pt 75% Color detail 2.jpg

Poem detail

The Legend / La Leyenda


Legend / Leyenda

Abe 200 x 50 300522 10pt 75% red names detail.jpg

Legend detail / Leyenda detalle

The Abes 

The Abes.jpg
Abe catalog Detail.jpg

The Abes detail / The Abe detalle


The visual poem is a glicée print on acid free, Canson Etching Rag,
100% cotton, paper 310grams.


Supplemental pages are printed on Natural Touch, Offset
131 gram fine art paper.


Visual poem dimensions:

200 x 50 cm folded down to 25 x 50 cm

Edition size: 10

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