Miscelánea / Miscellany

2011 - 

Impresiones tipográficas / Letterpress prints

Peter Duffin

Un conjunto de impresiones experimentales realizadas durante los últimos años.

A collection of experiments over the past years.

Cita de Roberto Bolaño insertada en una viñeta encontrada / Quote from Roberto Bolaño placed in a found comic

Male Constellation

Apollo and Daphnae

Church lightening

r man

T Trees

Pandora’s box

© 2021 Peter Duffin & Samuel Larson



Animales de Lorca uses the Faune typeface in its identity and materials. The font was created by Alice Savoie in the context of a commission by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques in partnership with the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale.

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