Mapas intervenidos con impresión tipográfica / Maps repurposed with letterpress

Samuel Larson

Un conjunto de 14 libros recuperados, cada uno con dos mapas, intervenidos con diseños abstractos creados aprovechando los pliegues de los mapas.

A set of 14 books, each with two maps, with abstract designs created taking advantage of the folds of the map


Strait of Anian


Tannu Uriankhai


Madhya Masaldanga

Gog & Magog

© 2021 Peter Duffin & Samuel Larson

Animales de Lorca uses the Faune typeface in its identity and materials. The font was created by Alice Savoie in the context of a commission by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques in partnership with the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale.

Homepage lead photo: David Reinoso