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From June 20 through August 14, 2020 the online exhibition 'United in Isolation' showcased the works of an international roster of letterpress printers who had all made work responding to different aspects of the Covid 19 pandemic. The exhibition was curated by Animales de Lorca. The video below is a document of that exhibit.

Some prints are in the tradition of public service announcements (‘Wash Your Hands’), some deal with the emotional impact of isolation (for instance by sending someone a ‘long distance hug’), other works deal with our new daily realities (constant spraying of disinfectant!), and some printers turned to literature and poetry to find ways to reflect these time. 


The diversity of works and approaches speaks to the depth and international nature of this community. Printers from as far afield as New Zealand to Russia to the USA all have participated, and although we were all isolated in our homes, as a global community we were united by shared experiences. 


It’s a beautiful irony that this exhibit is enabled by 21st century technology and highlights the works of artists and printers whose commonality is a technology developed by Gutenberg in the 15th century.


Enjoy the show! 

Peter Duffin and Samuel Larson, Animales de Lorca, Valencia, Spain.

Participating Artists

Amstutz, Martin

Andrews, Peter

Anteney, Katherine

Barnfield, Jo

Catozi, Adriano

Christopher, John

Duffin, Peter

English, Tyler

Fransen, Coen & Fransen, Jolijn

Guenot, Lucy

Harrison, Gen

Humfres, Julia

Kochany, Gogol

Longley, Dianne

Loseva, Yana and Besov, Sergei

Middleton, Carl

Nordenström, Lina

Ortega, Rodrigo

Oudejans, Rozemarijn

Parr, Linda

Perk, Marieke van der & Kluijfhout, Marijn

Portilla, Paulo

Redmond, Amy E.

Schrevel, Stéphane de

Sizemore, Thea

Thon Knutsen, Ane

Tilbury, Matt

Valentiner, Luise

Vandevoorde, Marie

Vaughan, Veronica

Vendetti, Andrea and Scotucci, Elettra

Walker, Tom

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